Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Response to Anne (U.K. Genealogy)

The 3 main records types people usually search in the U.K. are the censuses from 1841 - 1901, the BMD or St. Catherine's index, and the parish records for the parishes in which they resided.

There are many other interesting sources, such as business directories, shipping, court and military records, newspapers and poorhouse records.

If you can find a record type that applies to the wheres, whens and whats of your ancestors, you have the kind of source you need.

Some people have also begun one name studies or surveys for the surname(s) in which you are interested.

What are some of your favorite records to research?

Response to Candace (Irish Genealogy)

You will want to find out where the majority of the people with your ancestors' surnames live in the counties they came from. Then you will want to go or have someone else go to the parishes where your ancestors lived to look at the parish records available.

Another way would be to have your or a brother's DNA tested, and see how you match up with others who have been. Mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) is the type women and men can have tested for their maternal lines. YDNA, especially Y-33 and Y-46 are the types men can have tested for their paternal lines.

A third way would be to post a request on a message board about your Irish ancestors surnames, or to display your tree on an online family tree. Many genealogical websites feature them.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome to The Bloodhound!

Having come from a divided family background, who my family forbears were and how they lived, whether good, bad, or indifferent, has always been mysterious and therefore fascinated me. What is gratifying is that the journey of discovery has taught me who I really am, and what good things I can do and be. Therefore looking up family histories is something I feel everyone needs to do.

Here on “The Bloodhound,” I’ll answer your genealogy questions and share tips and tricks for making the process easier. Whether you’re shaking your family tree for religious reasons, as a hobby, or for any other purpose, you’ll find this site an informative resource. I hope you’ll return often, and feel free to leave any questions in the comment trail. Welcome, and happy hunting!